Creative Academic Environment

A creative academic environment

The basis of learning

When it comes to choosing a school, parents always choose the best option that is suited to their family’s values, with a complete academic program and a positive outlook for their children’s future.

In our school, we firmly support that idea and we believe in providing an environment that favours freedom to think and to debate, critical thinking, creative problem solving and artistic expression. This environment is essential to our students’ learning.

Moreover, we foster and stimulate our students’ ability to contribute new ideas and connect those ideas with others so that they can reach their own unique conclusions. That is, they learn to use creative thinking to that they can innovate in a way that is useful for themselves and for others.

And although we are all born with different creative talents, at British Montessori we stimulate each of those talents and develop them as we would any other skill so that our students lose the fear of showing them, which will build their self-esteem.

In order to do this, we have the great advantage of basing our educational project on the English National Curriculum, the Montessori method and 28 years of practical experience.

A creative academic environment