Music Academy

Dance, Theatre & Music Academy

For the love of music

Our school, Monteverdi, with 7 years of experience and a full team of specialized educators, is the most complete arts centre in the Northwest Sierra de Madrid.

Beginning with this new academic year, Monteverdi is also designated as an Official Conservatory, offering formal education leading to the reception of an official diploma upon completion of each stage.

In addition, thanks to an agreement with our partner, Inspirartem, our school offers classes from elementary to professional level in piano, classical guitar, harp, voice, as well as woodwind, brass, percussion and string instruments.

We provide spacious, light-filled facilities, where you can learn Music, dance, theatre and much more! We also have a recording studio and practice room, so you can have a true artistic experience. And with our flexible timetable, you can easily balance your music and arts activities with your school and other extracurricular activities schedule.

Our classes are for both children and adults. For children up to 16 years old, there are both individual and group classes, which are taught in such a way as to guide you as you develop your artistic potential.

We consistently follow the latest developments in European neuroeducational research, and focus our artistic education for all different ages, adapting to each student’s needs and objectives.

We always seek to foment creativity, imagination and autonomy, in atmosphere that offers motivation and self-confidence. Such an atmosphere is an essential element in any quality artistic experience, and it contributes to the student’s personal growth.

Our faculty are all professionals, specialists in Music, Theatre, and Dance, who are part of a solid educational project based on motivating our students, by transmitting to them the passion that is implicit in all art.