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Admissions policy

British Montessori a private, co-educational, lay school that fosters equality and ethical behaviour among our students and personnel.

An application for admission must be completed for each individual student, regardless of whether he or she has siblings already studying at the school. The waiting list is organised by application date, although priority is given in a few cases:

  • Siblings of current students
  • Children of alumni

In our educational centres, we understand the value of diverse cultures and nationalities as assets that contribute to a greater sense of the global nature of our world for our students, teachers and personnel.

Before admission, beginning in Year 5 (9 and 10 years of age), the school requires an interview to ensure that both the academic programme and the school’s philosophy fit well with the family’s objectives and preferences.

You may contact us at this number:

91 857 93 00

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Admissions process

All admissions, as well as the required information, are handled by the Office of Admissions. As spaces open up in the grade you are interested in, the Office will contact you following the order of applications on the waiting list.

The criteria outlined in the admissions policy will be taken into account when decisions regarding admissions are made.

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