Educating for the future

We present to you the new British Montessori

Welcome one and all.

To the new students who are joining us as we begin this new academic year, and to those who are continuing with us, putting your trust in our teachers and our British and Montessori Education project, which is now stronger both institutionally and academically.

Our project, British Montessori, is the result of over 40 years of experience in the field of education. Our school, part of the Montessori School Group, along with Montessori School La Florida, has evolved and adapted to meet the demands of the future.

Starting now, our goal is to be part of the small group of top schools, which are one step ahead in defining quality in education, so we are going to be working intensely, starting with this new academic year.

This new challenge will require a major renovation of Montessori School and a qualitative leap toward the future of the education we offer, to help your children reach their highest potential.

Our new school is based on an adaptation of the Montessori and British systems, two globally respected models. We follow the students’ rhythm and progress with continuous monitoring, and work to develop their unique abilities in order to form highly prepared individuals who are ready to be the protagonists of their own future.

The speed at which changes are occurring and will continue to occur mean sour students must be prepared to handle them. So we must strengthen their self-confidence, make them more resilient, and able to solve problems even where computers, robots and algorithms don’t reach.

The future will bring new opportunities in professions that don’t even exist today, so adapting our educational model to the demands of an ever-changing world is a challenge and a commitment that we take on with a deep sense of responsibility and dedication.

Pilar Ariño

Head of School